Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Holder Will Prosecute Bush Administration!

Ground Zero To Be Named, "Mohammad Atta Islamic Peace Plaza."

In announcing the long-desired for prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Obama administration Attorney general, Eric Holder, said today, "The vile criminals responsible for this war, 9/11, inumerable crimes against humanity, terrorism, and practically all evil in the world since the Romanoff family will be brought finally to justice!!" before a gathered crowd of Code Pink activists, Nation of Islam ministers, ACORN leaders and SEIU union representatives.

"This is a day of victory. We have long fought for freedom and for the downfall of the U.S," said Code Pink leader and community organizer, Vladamir Maryanne Westheimer.

Holder then later flew to NYC to speak before another crowd of Islamic and progressive community organizers to announce the naming of Ground Zero as, "The Mohammad Atta Islamic Peace Plaza."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Politically Correct Agitator Attire Album

Reports of "Brooks Brothers", Old Navy, Dockers and Other Protest Fashion Horrors Provokes Cries of "Foul!!" From Democrat National Socialist Fashion Experts

Sen. Barbara Boxer expressed outrage at so-called health care protestors outrageous attire of "Brooks Brothers suits" to agitate, yell, protest, disrupt, and "stormtroop" peaceful Democratic legislators explaining of the proposed state-controlled takeover of health care for U.S and Mexican citizens. "Everyone with the most basic, decent, and civil respect for civil protest knows that that is not how you dress for riots, marching, and stormtrooping!" she cried on a live interview with the utterly mortified Chris Matthews.

As experts in radical-chic fashion for many years, we have catalogued an array of politically-correct protest attire so that protestors will be aware and prepared to not offend progressive sensibilities and fashion experts like Sen. Boxer and Chris Matthews.

Looking for a way to boldly declare that classic progressive-socialist message, "We socialists are way smarter than you dumb redneck reactionaries, and we got the brains coming out the wazoo to prove it?" Here, "Code Pink" Claudette shows in a smashing combo that pink is not only acceptable, but perfectly revolutionary!!! As an added benefit, her design gloriously plays upon the "pinko" theme in a subtle, yet humorously ironic way. Bravo, Claudette! Your brains are showing!

If pink is not your dealio, celebrity progressive fashion maven and shoe stylist Ricardo Reid might like to seduce you into one of the hottest radical-chic fashion trends today -Gitmo Orange! Express your politically-correct progressive rage at Amerika and solidarity with Sheik Muhamad Khalid. Just make sure your name isn't Julius!

This daring young fashion-forward Berkeley glamazon, Hector, has ingeniously combined the nostaligic Ho Chi Minh look with a dash of Palestinian-Hamas sashe acoutrements in a statement that is sure to deliciously offend the US capitalist-Zionist entity with a one-two punch for radical fashion!! Hello? Yayness?

Voila! Sometimes they say, "Less is more, mon ami!" Need we say more of Haight Street stylists, Stanley and Siggie's daring makeunder statement!!?

Right on!!! "Boston" Bart demonstrates virtual poupourri of vintage radicaleeze, creative, and yet color-coordinated! A smoragsborg of deliciously politically-correct, progressive totalitarianist causes and ideology that young'uns like this hopeful Maoist radical can visually nosh upon

Yo! Black is always back, especially these days as these two "City of Bro-love" fashion models, "G-hawd" and "Honky-X," don the ubiquitous and daringly provocotive black berets and nightstick accesories. Sure to cause a stir at your local polling booth! Black is the new black!! Waddup!

Back to the Left Coast, Santa Cruz stylin' pioneer, Adam, displays a trickle-up trendy "Love Pain" tatoo gorgeously combines the patriotic red, white, blue motif that is sure to tickle your radically Democrat-socialistic and nationalistic sentiments, replete with adorned undergarments to create a lovely sensually proletarian statement of solidarity and revolution! Right on! Power to the People!!

And last but not least, Al-Akbarack's absolutely fab combination creates the ever-growing popular and delectibly edgey "Palestinian Suicide-bomber" look, replete with faux cell-phone accessory! Yummy for your eye tummy!!!

WE ask all progressive-minded citizens and comrades to please be on the lookout for fashion treason and protest clothing horrors, and report it to: flagfashionterrorism@whitehouse.org

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pres. Obama To Name "Squeaky" Fromme As "Family Values" Czar

Former Manson-follower and assailant of Pres. Ford will not be jobless on Aug. 16th when she is released from after 25 years in prison. In his 2,102nd press conference since his election, Pres. Obama announced, "I made a promise of hope and change when I was elected. It is clear that the American family is in grave danger. It is failing due to the failed policies of the past failed administration in the past nightmarish eight years and my administration will change that. Ms. Fromme has for years belonged to an alternative family structure that offers hope and change to the way things were done before."

Ms. Fromme expressed her gratitude and acceptance of the post at a news conference at a Fort Worth, TX prison yard. "As never before, this President has a wonderfully open mind about exciting new paradigms and values for the American family, a vision I hope to bring about." She went on to tell of her prison experience as being a time of growing, learning and understanding different understandings and ways 'family' could be defined and restructured so as to provide alternative policies and opportunities to the past failures. She went on to vow, "As the new Family Values czar, I will use my extensive life experience in various alternative family structures and lifestyles to reshape and recreate the failed American family of the Bush administration into a new, vibrant, and closer type of family than we have ever seen before!"

"I will give myself undyingly, unreservedly, unquestionably to this position, this vision, and Pres. Obama as I have never given my energies and devotion to anything or anyone before," she declared as prison officials led her away.