Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting My Lumps In: My Take on The Debate

McCain took some lumps. Obama utterly annihilated McCain. His breathing and voice work were quite evident. His voice beautifully resonated and projected itself with the sound of confidence. His technique was flawless in establishing a compelling kinesthetic unity. It seems as if George Clooney or Sean Penn worked with him in body language, as his tertiaries, secondaries, and transfers were perfectly timed and wonderfully executed. His eye contact both reassuring and challenging. His identity and empathy skills were evident, and he appeared to have been well practiced in the Outside-In Approach, and seemed to be quite well in touch with himself and his inner psyche. Only a few times did he look shaken and distracted and in danger of losing his poise and straying from his persona. But Obama quickly recovered and easily overcame those poundings by giddy laughing, smirking, head-shaking and interrupting. It was simply marvelous to see that he did not fall apart (as I predicted in a previous article) like a teenager inundated with hormones.

In all, Obama did what he was supposed to do. He projected a feeling of absolute assurance and complete knowledge to the audience, which, by the polls and CNN reports today, seemed to have impressed many impressionable people. He just perfectly portrayed the dignified Presidential mien, and convincingly conveyed the very essence of capableness, bringing to mind the black actor, Dennis Haysbert's character, David Palmer, who ran for President in the "24" series. He also reminded me of Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Lawrence Fishburne all together.

Simply put, this was no contest. This was Mike Tyson vs Peewee Herman. This was William Hung vs. LaToya.

All the old man had were facts. Hello? May I speak to Mr...........Boooooooring!!!

(P.S. And can anybody tell me who his make-up artist was? That was truly inspiring!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Barry Obama's Totally New Kind of Spirituality

Barry’s Multi-Cultural, Muslim-Friendly,
Neo-Marxian, Openminded, Totally cool,
Cutting Edge, Post-Modern Christianity

Barry Hussein told us this week to start getting in your damn reactionary, bitter, religion-and-gun-clingers, stupid, racist, Middle American faces. So, here I am. While we of the Left are generally a very pacifist, tolerant crowd, unless it involves Anti-War, Anti-Zionist, Anti-Bush, Anti-multinational corporations, Anti-progressive, or Anti-speciesism activities, the drop in Barry’s polls means there is a serious problem in your thinking, America, and I am here to fix it or else. Do I sound bitter? Damn straight, and with reason, you mentally defective flag-waving, family-values bootlickers!

Here’s the first lie I demand that the forces of Nascar America stop spreading -he’s not a Muslim, idiot! Get it? Those lying right-wing smear-mongers, like the Sarah “Earmark” “Neo-Nazi” Palin, just make up that crap to fool you and divide us! So what if he has a Muslim name? Big frickin’ deal if he had a Muslim father, who he wrote about idealizing him…or that he had a Muslim stepfather. That is all. Well, he was raised for the most part in a Muslim country and attended a Muslim school where he learned to recite the Quran and speaks perfect Arabic. Ok, so he might appreciate Islam, calling the summons to worship Allah from the muzzenin “the prettiest sound on earth,” but that is not the same as actually being a Muslim. And just because all the Islamic groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, American Muslim Association, CAIR, have publicly stated their support for him, as do many Muslim leaders like Col. Qadaffy, that does not mean he is a Muslim either. To paraphrase a metaphor, if Daffy Duck likes me because maybe I know how to quack like Daffy, that does not necessarily make me a duck, does it? That's daft! That’s goofy!

Dear reactionary Mr. Conservative Moron, please try to let your one solitary brain cell absorb this information - Obama is a Christian for Crissakes! Some claim that Barry’s pastor for 20 years was an ex-Muslim, but that was only before he became a rich, Christian pastor, although one who maybe just likes to emulate certain Muslims like Farrakhan or Malcolm X, extolling them as the best examples to follow. But that was before the damn polls negatively affected his quest for the Presidency, so it's a moot debate point anyway.

But cripes, Barry is a damn Christian I tell you! Hell, a couple of his campaign spokesmen, Rep. Cohen and Tom Brokaw, said just last week, he’s like, the Nazareth dude himself, who supposedly fed the multitudes on a few frickin loaves and fishes. That's nothing! Barry will feed the whole world from a few taxes. And he, worked even harder than Jesus because he had to actually get out on the streets to organize the community to endlessly harangue politicians to loosen up the government purse strings to the tune of gazillions so as to feed the multitudes of poor, hungry, destitute progressive programs and friends. Dayum! Come to think, Barry is probably more Christian than Christ himself for Crissakes! Barry Obama understands the real Jesus, not the ridiculous myth fools have believed for 2000 years. Barry follows the historic Jesus who was a radical revolutionary for the oppressed, who took up the scimitar to execute jihad against the multi-national Roman corporation and unbelieving people who would not submit. Barry, like Jesus and Mohammed, was a community organizer who tried to unite us all, in a community. So maybe Mohammed was somewhat more successful at uniting than Jesus was, but Barry will be even more successful, I think. And you right-wing bigots claim he is a Muslim? Ha! What idiots! I wish Iran or the Saudis would decree some kind of friggin’ fatwa against those bastards. They would be doing the rest of the world a big favor.

Don’t get me wrong. I mean, it’s not that there is anything really wrong about being a Muslim either. Actually, it’d be great if he were a Muslim! And it’d be so cool if we had our first Muslim President. He could help stop all the persecution of Muslims in the U.S beginning at Gitmo. It’s nobody’s business anyway what private belief a candidate has, unless you are a right-wing fundie Christian like Saracuda Palin. We all know that Christianity is responsible for most of the world’s suffering and problems and that Islam is the religion of peace. It is far less dangerous than those right-wing, fundie Christian extremists like Sarah Palin, who threaten to force a theocracy on America and start executing gays and apostates. But Obama is not that kind of Christian. He’s a hip, post-modern one, the kind that understands Islam in a very deep and profound way, and perhaps, considering his statements, far deeper than he understands even his own faith. (Not that I understand anything about that dieing, reactionary, archaic, cross-obsessed faith either, which is no real loss.) And this is exactly what we need at this time of crisis and fear in America. Since we have oppressed, offended and attacked Islam through the phony “War on Terror” Obama will be very uniquely prepared to heal the wounds between the US and the Ummah.

And these American idiots say he has no experience that would qualify him as a POTUS and leader of the world??? I say, "God damn America!" if he doesn't get elected. Twenty years in Rev. Wright’s church more than prepared him to lead America in a totally new way than anyone has ever even thought of or imagined.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Absolute Brilliance of the Democratic Strategy

As we must suffer through all the right-wing yapfests gloating over the supposed demise of the once-inevitably triumphant Obama campaign, and as some of our operatives within the media are seemingly harried and horrified, I see nothing but victory ahead for Obama and for the people.

Mention is being made especially of our Obama's alleged "lack of stamina," emotional weakness, and "hissyfit" thrown at a seemingly diminutive "woman" who shall remain nameless, but who innocuously smiles from behind teacher glasses, but in whom resides the very quintessence of pure malevolence. One Democratic columnist even described her as "a Trojan Moose."

Yet in my expert analysis of analyzing over thirty years of unending defeat of the revolutionary progressive forces of the Democratic Party by the forces of the reactionism, I see this seeming breakdown in composure and poise in Obama as a huge Trojan Elephant. I see hope on this dark horizon, a hope that will crush forever the forces of right in Amerikkka. Here it is: Our strength is Barack Obama's weakness. Read that again, for just like the Repukes are jumping and howling in glee like the subhumans from East Flyover, Oklahoma, they are, you dear intelligent progressive Leftist might miss it's real significance and hope for our cause too.

Barack Hussein (I, for one, am proud of that name) Obama will win this thing for us through his being weak! Think with me, dear fellow intellectual and activist. We all know without even thinking about it that, as one great modern political leader said at the U.N., "the hegemonic pretensions of the American empire are placing at risk the very survival of the human species". What we need and what millions of Americans sense is that we don't want any more macho-man cowboyism in the White House, invading legitimate regimes and taking over countries. Americans have been doing this for centuries, especially the last one, as our more genteel European cousins can testify. Europeans are desperately afraid of people like Bush and typical Americans. This is why they flocked like gazelles during mating season to hear Obama speak on his triumphant, historic European Tour. They sensed a CHANGE. They sense a new kind of American, a nicer, more genteel, suave, yea.... a metrosexual one!

Millions of Americans sense the same. Many of us grew up with no mean, authoritarian dads to rough us up and make us play fight or sports, to develope our more aggresive, deleterious tendencies. Millions of young people are no longer bound by the harsh and unforgivable delineations of "man" or "woman" or "masculine" or "feminine" behavior. Testosterone-driven aggresive behavior, apart from starting world wars and subjugating the womyn, is downright scary to many of us!! Obama, while he idealized his father in one of his several autobiographies, never really knew him, and like millions of Americans boys and girls today, were beneficially protected from any real male nurturing.

This is wonderful on two fronts! One, millions of Americans are now much less aggresive, mean, cowboy-like than their predecessors. Millions feel very uncomfortable with male, bellicose, aggresive assertiveness today. Second, we now have a leader who can not only identify with millions of Americans who are oppressed by the white, male, Christian, corporate oligarchy, but one who is likewise of more docile constitution. Obama has a natural, hip, womyn-like understanding on life, and will be a more pacific, communicative (will sit down with anyone over coffee,) President, more in touch with his emotions than other Presidents. He will be a nurturing world leader who will care of us all, taking care of our health, educative, and especially, our compulsive emotional needs to feel good about ourselves and our community. And he will do the same for the world and the planet. He understands, for example, that Islamic fundamentaklists all just really need to be loved, understood, cared about, and this will dissolve world tensions.

Perhaps even more than the spectacle of Obama lashing out in true bitchy fashion at his half-pint competition -the Moose Anhilatoress- Obama may even soon break down and weep helplessly on national TV like a little school girl going through her first period. Like my of us who are wounded and are in more touch with our emotional needs, we can identify with Obama more than the some-relic-from-a-bygone-age McCain. we are the self-esteem generation who need to be loved, affirmed and praised. When Obama breaks down at perceived threats to his need to be admired, loved and esteemed, and while other older Americans may cringe at horrified disgust, we of the newer mold, actually weep with him identify with him, and are even more appreciative that we have some one who understands and represents us in the political sphere. And with one voice we rise up to say to the older, cowboy-like America, "Leave him aloooone!"

For this same reason, he was absolutely right in not selecting Hillary Clinton as his VP. But perhaps he could have done better than ole bombastic Joe Biden. Harry Reid, for example, is quite metrosexual, with a nondescript and unthreatening kind of new "masculinity."