Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting My Lumps In: My Take on The Debate

McCain took some lumps. Obama utterly annihilated McCain. His breathing and voice work were quite evident. His voice beautifully resonated and projected itself with the sound of confidence. His technique was flawless in establishing a compelling kinesthetic unity. It seems as if George Clooney or Sean Penn worked with him in body language, as his tertiaries, secondaries, and transfers were perfectly timed and wonderfully executed. His eye contact both reassuring and challenging. His identity and empathy skills were evident, and he appeared to have been well practiced in the Outside-In Approach, and seemed to be quite well in touch with himself and his inner psyche. Only a few times did he look shaken and distracted and in danger of losing his poise and straying from his persona. But Obama quickly recovered and easily overcame those poundings by giddy laughing, smirking, head-shaking and interrupting. It was simply marvelous to see that he did not fall apart (as I predicted in a previous article) like a teenager inundated with hormones.

In all, Obama did what he was supposed to do. He projected a feeling of absolute assurance and complete knowledge to the audience, which, by the polls and CNN reports today, seemed to have impressed many impressionable people. He just perfectly portrayed the dignified Presidential mien, and convincingly conveyed the very essence of capableness, bringing to mind the black actor, Dennis Haysbert's character, David Palmer, who ran for President in the "24" series. He also reminded me of Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Lawrence Fishburne all together.

Simply put, this was no contest. This was Mike Tyson vs Peewee Herman. This was William Hung vs. LaToya.

All the old man had were facts. Hello? May I speak to Mr...........Boooooooring!!!

(P.S. And can anybody tell me who his make-up artist was? That was truly inspiring!)


Anonymous said...

Where are those lumps doctor? If they are on your left testicle, they will have to be removed.

Dr Idi Ott said...

Lovin your blogs Lumpleaven !
Whats that? "thoughtfully analzye?,digest?" That in itself is right wing lingo and dangerous to the soul! Man, you just trust and accept what our deliverer can do for us - thats the beauty of it. Trust Obama like your Mama - for he cares for you!

Peace and Love,

Dr. Waddlesworth Lumplevin said...

Dr. Ott,
Thank you for your brilliant analysis. I heard you were giving extra points in your classto your students for slashing tires of Republicans. What wonderful creativity! Is it true that you were b}named after that other Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Zionist progressive from Uganda?

Wut He Sed said...

Is that marijuana smoke encircling Obama on the cover? Just wondering, because it says "Rollin one" behind his head.

Keep on lumping!

Dr. Waddlesworth Lumplevin said...

mr. wut,
as a progressive, sen. obama has an open mind and aborbs all kinds of things into his frame or reference.

good observation.

Anonymous said...

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