Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama: "Let's Spread the Brains Around a Little Bit Too"

Doh! Dumbness Is Not So Dumb After All!

The Right-wing blogosphere is currently working itself up into a frothing freak-out of foam-flecked fanaticism over the videos of Obama supporters who cannot say who runs Congress, or why the economy is so bad, or what the Constitution is, but know everything about the MySpace pictures of Gov. Palin's daughter. They further have thrown dirt in the air over reports that Harvard seniors scored an average of 69% (D-) on a basic high school history-economics-civics exam, with everyone else scoring far below. Being the consituency that voted for Obama by 70%, in the convoluted right-wing mindset, they are saying that Obama voters are...ummmm... dumb. They claim that a subservient, manipulated and manipulative Mainstream Media pushed for Obama's election, and criminally refused to report the truth. These troglodytes furthermore make the ridiculous claim that, considering the astounding ignorance of so many voters, especially young ones, that the 2008 election was nothing more than the brainwashing of an ignorant, half-witted, slavish populace by a cynical, agenda-driven Media and their slick, inspid media campaign. Well, they are crazy idiots! Nothing could be farther or closer to the truth at the same time! Huh? Let me explain it to you one-brain-celled creatures who have difficulty assimilating complex, subtle and multi-level concepts.

"Democracy is equality," said one founder of the modern progressive state. Progressive people think about the whole planet not just nationalistically. In the past, America has had one of the highest literacy and education levels in the world. This has given us an unfair advantage in the world, fomenting our dominance, oppresion and hegemony over Third world peoples that made "chickens come home to roost." As Pres.-elect Obama desires to bring social justice and equality through wealth redistribution - the taking away of wealth from those that have more and giving it to those that don't - equally so, the progressive education agenda is as equally desirous of another redistribution plan for social justice - brains redistribution. Equality!

The Change towards world peace and harmonic synergy we are implementing, and have been for a long time, is primarily designed to come about through equalization through education. Do you really think Bill Ayers' deer-in-the-headlight-benighted-rumpled-professor-look is real? You are the deer, you precious little dumb dear. Educators like Ayers and myself get gajillions of US tax money and grants in order to reeducate your children, at once dumbing them down and creating complacent planetery citizens. Do you think it was for nothing that good old Joe (not that Joe!) said, "“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed"? We have subtley introduced post-modernism, Hegelian dialectic gradualism into the schools which, while it has been shown to stop all rational thinking, is a wonderful equalizer in the sense it allows us to reprogram the minds of the young. Old divisive, anti-Change thinking based on stuff like history, economics, civics, logic has been replaced with a sense of planetary consciousness, feelings of belonging, and rejection of old Christian values. Change!

Ok. I realize I just flew over the heads of most of you muddle-headed middle-American simpletons. Facts don't matter anymore! Get it? Education today transcends just learning stuff. It means creating a compliant planetary citizenry who are all equal to the rest even if the rest are fairly uneducated. "Educated" doesn't mean educated in the way it used to mean. Actually, not being so educated is really smarter! Dumbing down America is bringing about world peace and equality. Dumb = smart. Got it?

Do you think that's stupid, Mr. Rightwinger-sore-loser? Well look where you are, compared to where we are. Gosh, you are dumb! Like, Doh!

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Anonymous said...

That whole article was dumb. How can being dumb be smart? I just don't get it.